Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wampanoag Village,Plimoth MA

Wampanoag means "Eastern People" or "People of first light" The Wanpanoag people have lived in southeastern New England for over 12,000 years. Before 1616, there were approximately 50,000 Wanpanoag People in about 67 different villages in the Wampanoag territory. Between 1616 and 1618, a devastating plague, carried by Europeans , caused the deaths of many thousands of Wampanoag.

A Mishoon (dugout canoe) is made by burning and scraping an oak, pine or chestnut log.

The Wampanoag made houses called Wetuash, that were dome-shaped and covered with bark.


Peter N. Jones said...

The Wampanoag are still alive and active today. In fact, a recent book put out by two Natives gives their understanding of this time in history. Entitled A Cultural History of the Native Peoples of Southern New England: Voices from Past and Present, the book has several sections on early Native American-pilgrim relations that may be of interest.

pamelaw said...

Thank you for the info. Should be interesting.

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