Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Plimoth Plantation, Plimoth MA.

Took train toPlimoth Plantation. It was about 1 1/2 hours on train. Saw a town while on train called Halifax (Nova Scotia has the same name). The Plantation is a replica of when the Pilgrims first arrived in Plimoth MA.

Found out from talking with one of the costumed roll players that she said they had between 400 to 500 ships come there a year. You really felt like you had stepped back in the 17Th century. They were English people who sought to escape the religious controversies and economic problems of their time by emigrating to America. Many of the Pilgrims were members of a Puritan sect known as Separatists. They believed that membership in the Church of England violated the biblical precepts for true Christians, and that they had to break away and form independent congregations which were truer to divine requirements. At a time when Church and State were one, such an act was treasonous and the Separatists had to flee their mother country. Other Pilgrims remained loyal to the national Church but came because of economic opportunity and a sympathy with Puritanism as well. They all shared a fervent and pervasive Protestant faith that touched all areas in their life.

The houses were so small for 5-8 people who lived in them. Most would have to sleep on the floor. One bed for husband and wife.

The roofs were very interesting. Roofs made of layers of straw, reeds or other grassy materials. The cattail home is waterproof because the cattails are aquatic plants and they swell when water and moisture hit them.

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