Sunday, November 25, 2007

New England Sea Coast

The unique scenery of the New England coast. We traveled north through Boston an it's "North Shore" communities, making our first stop at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.Time for a light snack here. Our second stop was along the rocky coast of Maine, where we viewed the famous "Nubble Light" lighthouse in York.

The beauty of the Maine coast was so beautiful as we headed toward Kennebunk Village and Kennebunk's tree-lined streets are showcases of 18th and 19th century architecture built by merchants and sea captains. We then viewed former President Bush's summer home from Walker Point.

I like California beaches alot better. Did not see any surfers in water. I think because of the water colder and waves not as good as ours. We return to Kennebunkport for 2 hours of shopping and lunch and, was on our own at the many quaint shops and eateries in the village.

Had lunch in Maine "Lobster Rolls". For the price it was very expensive and not much of a roll. The Fall follage had only started so saw the tree's turning very slight red, and gold. I can imagine what it must be like when they are in full bloom. That is one thing we wished we saw. Over all a wonderful bus tour. Wish we had more time.

Got back to hotel and decided to get a bite to eat at the Cheese Cake Factory in downtown Boston. This is one place that gives you way to much food, but it was very good. Bought a piece of cheese cake back to hotel for later. Just relaxed the rest of the night

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