Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boston Massachuttes

After taxie let us out at hotel, we checked in to the Best Western Roundhouse.This unique round building was built in the 1800's as a gas tank. The gasoline was used to light up the lanterns in Boston, then became a motion picture exhibition in the 20's and light manufacturing and storage in the 30's, it has been vacant for over 60 years, before it was transformed into a beautiful top-notch hotel in 2001. Another slight problem is the neighbourhood which is rather run down and seems to consist of old factory lots,truck loading depots and lumber yards.But the hotel's excellent and free shuttle bus helped to get people into most parts of town or at least the nearest "T" station very efficiently.

We found the hotel to be a little old school but for the price it would do, as we were never there except to sleep. The noise on the 2nd floor was due to the traffic and other rooms, also afraid of over sleeping as you never got a wakeup call after you asked for one. Can't say much about the housekeeping for their cleaning, as we would find the same bits and pieces on floors and end table everyday. Overall our memories of our stay in the Roundhouse were ok, But it is adviced to stay at least on the 5 floor because of noise. We were on the 2nd floor. Also not a good idea to walk around there at night.They did have the Continental Buffet Breakfast, which was very good.

The next day we took a bus tour to New Hampshire and Maine. This was with the Go Card Boston,Gray Line Tour. The Go Card that you can buy at different cities, really saved us alot of money. It was a beautiful ride on the bus. The weather was gray, damp and a little rainny. The only problem with going on a bus tour is the time alloted. Have to watch your watch for time, as the bus would leave with out you if you were not back when bus driver said to be back. Short periods of time given.

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