Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boston Massachuttes

I made this blog so I could share my trip to New England with my friends and relatives.

This has been a journey that I wanted to take for along time so I could put together some of the missing pieces that have puzzled me for so long. I am the one who has been doing all the research on the family over many years. My mom always said she did not remember anything about her life or if anything very little. It seems like her life started when she met my dad. Before that seems to be a blank. I needed to make this trip to find out some things so I could try to piece somethings together.

It also has been very educational and a trip I will never forget. If you click on blue text, you will be able to read and see more about places.

After 5 1/2 hours we arrived in Boston, Massachusetts from San Diego California. Took a taxi from airport to Best Western Roundhouse Suites. The shuttle was not available so we had to take a taxi , the price was $27 dollars for 3 miles. My sister-in law( Edie) and I received half of the money back since they were suppose to pick us up. Talk about crazy drivers. All I can say is hang on tight.

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